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Tuesday, April 28, 2020


This is a new website (in Hebrew) -- DocuCorona -- offering Israeli documentaries, available for free or almost free viewing during this period.

You can choose from the literally tens of films on a wide array of subjects.  I have chosen the following two documentaries (both include English) to highlight --

The Holy Gathering, directed by Nahum Grinberg and Naamit Mor Haim (64 minutes, documentary), is a fascinating look at the phenomenon of young men, brought up on Kibbutz Bet Zera, which is a Hashomer HaTzair kibbutz, who have become newly religious in recent years. The kibbutz originally subscribed to an anti-religious ideology, and it seems that perhaps as a result of that, these young people are searching for meaning, and eventually finding their way to religion.  The older generation is quite disappointed and even outraged as a result. Among other subjects, the film describes the experience of growing up in the children’s house, which created a void in the lives of the young people. 
You can watch the film on Youtube!

Dancing in Jaffa, directed by Hilla Medalia, (previously reviewed on this blog), is a touching full-length (87 minutes) documentary about breaking barriers between Jewish and Palestinian youngsters in Jaffa.   The film Is available for streaming for 48 hours for a small fee

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