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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Issues of Married Life

Echo, directed by Amikan Kovner and Assaf Shnir, is a compelling feature film about the relationship between a husband and wife. 

Avner is the supervisor of a construction crew, working on a tunnel in Haifa.  He is married to Ella, a psychologist, and they have two children.  

When a traffic ticket arrives in the mail with a photo of Ella driving and a strange man sitting next to her, Avner becomes obsessed with the thought that his wife might be cheating on him.  He begins taping her phone conversations, even following her. As he tries to understand his wife, he listens to the phone conversations over and over, and begins to realize that things were more complex than they seemed, that there was so much about his wife that he didn’t understand.

The film has wonderful complexity – there is Avner’s ambivalent relationship with his co-worker, the 12-year-old daughter’s newly awakening sexual curiosity, the mother of Ella’s patient who committed suicide more than a year ago, Ella’s need to be saved as she tosses off her clothes and runs into the sea late one night. 

Things unravel like a thriller, as Avner slowly works out the secrets of Ella’s life. 

Echo (2018, 98 minutes) is a complex and sensitive film about a man obsessed who tries to work out whether we ever really know the person we love most in the world.  Are there hidden aspects to their character, to their lives? In an apparently happy family, are there elements that we keep hidden from one another?

The film is available from Go2Films.
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