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Monday, August 12, 2013

Literary Adaptations based on David Grossman Novels

Although not an Israeli film per se, I want to share info about The Zig Zag Kid, directed by Vincent Bal (2012, The Netherlands), because it is a great adaptation of the David Grossman novel יש ילדים זיג זג , making it the fourth Grossman novel that can be seen on film.  Two of the others, Someone to Run With and Intimate Grammar, have previously been reviewed on this blog.  Another, Smile of the Lamb (directed by Shimon Dotan, 1985), reflects Grossman's political agenda which is critical of the government policies vis-a-vis the Palestinians and the occupation.  

All four are wonderful books -- and also great film adaptations!  

 The Zig Zag Kid is a romp -- and I think it was the most enjoyable film that I saw this summer at the Jerusalem Film Festival!

The story is about a bar mitzvah boy named Nono  who has a great imagination.  We follow him on a secret mission that includes a master criminal who is his father's nemesis and his search for a mysterious woman -- all of this as he enters the world of disguises where no one is what he seems!  This is an adventure film for the entire family!

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