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Monday, July 31, 2017

Troubled Youth

Doubtful by Eliran Elya, which premiered at the Jerusalem Film Festival last week, tells the story of Assi, a screenwriter and poet.  Forced to do community service after having hurt someone in a drunken driving accident, he is sent to work with a bunch of problem juveniles in Beersheba.  There he forms a special bond with one of the troubled youth, named Eden, who lives with his single Mom. The older Assi and teenage Eden form a fascinating and somewhat ambivalent relationship.

Most of the film takes place in bleak and dark spaces – in a community center room in Beersheba, in Eden’s poverty neighborhood apartment, on buses and trains, in Assi’s apartment in Tel Aviv, and in Tel Aviv low-scale restaurants – nothing colorful or visually interesting.  In addition, I was disappointed because the film did not have enough depth and the characters were not well-developed. 

Eden is a compelling young man, but we don’t know enough about him, but one thing we know for sure – he is catapulting toward a violent end.   But how will Assi’s involvement be part of what happens?

The film is distributed by Go2Films. 

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