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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Romantic Comedy

Yeled Tov Yerushalayim, directed by Roee Florentine,is a new Israeli romantic comedy.  I saw it in a Jerusalem movie theater this week and when the film was over, everyone around me was buzzing about how much they enjoyed themselves!

When Adi was a young boy, his father's parting words before going off to the War in Lebanon were to exhort him to be a good boy, not to be a trouble-maker, and to take care of his mother.  His father never returned from that war, and as a result, little Adi becomes not only a goodie-two-shoes, but eventually someone who lets others walk all over him.  At work, we see that someone else obtains professional advancement on his achievements.  Even his wife and adolescent son learn to take for granted the things he does for them, and as a result, they treat him like a doormat. 

This is the story of how a chance encounter with Natalie, a dog-walker, transforms Adi's life.  Not only does he begin to relax, let go, and smile, he learns to stand up for himself, and most importantly, to enjoy life.  Natalie teaches him to see life differently, to appreciate the little things, and to learn to value himself. 
But Adi is apparently ill and things are always more complex than they seem at first.  

Although filled with clichés, this is a charming film which includes humor and just enough romance to make it special!

Yeled Tov Yerushalayim was produced by United King.

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