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Monday, June 29, 2015

Encouraging Understanding Between Women

I recently received publicity on a small film festival called Nashim Nehedarot which is taking place in different venues in Israel.  The festival offers films that will help to bridge the divide between ultra-orthodox and secular women in Israel.   

One of the films being featured is Barren, עקרה , a short drama by Esti Shushan.  This is a compelling portrayal of an ultra-orthodox, young woman.  Nomi is married just a few years, but her husband is terribly disappointed that they haven't been able to get pregnant.  After having already raised children as the big sister to five younger siblings, however, Nomi is ambivalent about having children.  Short and to the point, extremely well-made and touching, this film provides a different perspective on ultra-orthodox women.  

This film was produced with monies from the Gesher Multi-Cultural Film Fund.  I sit on their Board and they provide me with the possibility of previewing so many of the latest Israeli films.  Many thanks to Ziv Naveh and the staff!

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