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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Lost Scrolls of Deuteronomy

This fascinating documentary film, Shapira and I (directed by Yoram Sabo), unfolds like a detective story, layer by layer.  This is the story of  Moses Shapira who sold ancient manuscripts in a shop in the Christian Quarter in Jerusalem's Old City during the latter half of the 19th century. During those years, Shapira had in his possession ancient scrolls of the Book of Deuteronomy but experts at the British Museum decided that the scrolls were a forgery.  Shortly thereafter, Shapira committed suicide and the scrolls disappeared.

Filmmaker Yoram Sabo, together with cinematographer Yoram Millo, take us on a compelling journey searching for this lost treasure -- the ancient scrolls of Deuteronomy.  As the story unfolds, we meet historical researchers, book dealers, and even a British psychic!  We visit a dusty collection of historical artifacts in a London basement.  We learn that Shapira converted to Christianity and joined Christ Church in Jerusalem.  We read from a book by one of his daughters who describes her father's shop in the Old City.  And most importantly, we begin to realize why researchers today believe that these scrolls of the Book of Deuteronomy were actually authentic.

If you are a connoisseur of Jewish history and find meaning in the Dead Sea Scrolls, then this fascinating story of Moses Shapira will certainly interest you!  

Shapira and I (documentary, 57 minutes) is available from Ruth Diskin Films.

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