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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Portrait of a Woman

Fragile    פלסטלינה , directed by Vidi Bilu, is a feature film set in Jerusalem of 1966.  It is a bleak period -- no financial growth, no evening entertainment -- and the viewer is acutely aware that war will break out soon.  

The film is a study of a married woman named Rutie (Reymonde Amsalem), who is the mother of an 11-year-old girl.  The family lives in an old apartment building and  the husband works all day leaving Rutie at home.  She wants to get a job, and even though they could use the money, his pride requires that he be the sole bread winner.  As a result, Rutie spends her days reading novels and sleeping away the afternoons, while their lonely daughter searches for attention from the quirky neighbors. Eventually, Rutie decides to rent out one room in their apartment, and a fascinating woman comes along, who builds a warm relationship with Rutie, which threatens her relationship with her husband.

The women in the film -- mother, daughter and tenant are compelling characters.  The film includes hints at a lesbian relationship and hints of a pedophile living in the building.  But nothing seems to come of these -- perhaps this was a more naive time and these elements are more in the mind of the contemporary viewer!  

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