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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Do you enjoy over-the-top side-splitting comedies?

The Mossad, directed by Alon Gur Aryeh, is currently playing in movie theaters in Israel.  It is a comedy about undercover agents, spies and ridiculous bureaucrats. 

Although quite ridiculous most of the time, the film offers great humor and a fair amount of a critical view of so many sacred cows in Israeli life and government.  I don’t think I have laughed so hard in a really long time!

The story is about a bunch of criminals who are about to destroy all the cellphones in the world by the flick of a switch, and our Mossad hero, working together with a CIA female agent, is meant to save the world. 

There are tons of nods at other films and comedy routines, both Israeli and international — James Bond, The Gashash Trio, Bruce Willis saving the world together with a gorgeous female, similarities to Walk on Water, and so many more. 

Even though the story was quite over-the-top, the gags poked fun at just about everything, and the pacing was terrific.  My friends and I laughed the entire time!   

The Mossad is a spoof, providing lots of fun. Check out the trailer (with English subtitles).

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