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Friday, March 9, 2018

The Dysfunctional Family

A new Israeli feature film opened this week at movie theaters in Israel – Montana, directed by Limor Shmila -- a film about a dysfunctional family.

When Effi’s grandfather dies suddenly, she goes to visit her family in Acco.  There, she visits her grandmother and her middle-aged aunt.  Her uncle lives nearby.  Years ago, her mother took Effi away suddenly, cut off relations with her family and moved to France. We don’t know why, but it becomes suddenly so clear at the end of the film.

Here is your best abusive and cheating love triangle -- Effi’s uncle, a policeman, is a pervert, abusing the young daughter of his friend.  The friend is carrying on with Effi’s aunt.  Just to round things out, Effi begins an affair with the friend’s wife.  In brief, everyone is cheating on everyone.

Although Effi was a compelling character, the film was a disappointment because it had no cinematic sophistication and little complexity of plot.

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