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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Disappointing Film

There are lots of good Israeli films playing in the movie theaters in Jerusalem right now.  I highly recommend Foxtrot, Scaffolding, Longing and Maktub – all of which have been reviewed previously on this blog. 

There is one more playing right now – The Burglar (הפורצת) by Hagar Ben-Asher -- about a teenage girl, living in Arad, who discovers that her mother has suddenly left her. The girl begins to break into apartments to obtain money in order to pay the rent and to buy a motor scooter.  Things become weird when she uses the money to pay for a hotel room by the Dead Sea in order to attract a visiting German geologist.  It is too bad that the film suffers from a lack of depth and little character development, and therefore I would not put this on my list of recommended films.

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