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Sunday, January 22, 2017


Break-dancing is a fascinating form of creative expression for young men.  In the film, Babylon Dreamers, directed by Roman Shumunov, we meet a group of break-dancers, living in Ashdod, immigrants from the FSU.  Their world is one of poverty, family crises, and alienation from the surrounding society. 

The film follows them as they go through rigorous training, win a nation-wide breakdance competition, and travel to a European competition in Germany.  There are some exciting and talented scenes of dancing, mixed with some very difficult family stories.

We get to know the dancers -- “Mixer” works at the port.  In the afternoons, he teaches young boys to do break-dancing.  His Mom is dysfunctional and he is trying very hard to take care of his younger siblings.  “Potter”, who is in the army and living at home with his mom, must undergo knee surgery.

Babylon Dreamers (90 minutes, documentary) offers a compelling look at a social group which has found itself on the periphery of Israeli society.  The film is available from JMT Films.

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