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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kutiman, Give It Up and Princess Shaw

Kutiman is a musical phenomenon.  He remixes other peoples' youtube clips of music and songs and makes them into new creations.   The film  Presenting Princess Shaw (aka Thru You Princess, directed by Ido Haar, documents the story of how Kutiman discovered a tremendously talented lyricist/singer on you tube and transformed her into a star!  Samantha, known as Princess Shaw on youtube,  is an African-American woman from New Orleans, who writes phenomenal lyrics and sings beautifully and puts all her songs up on youtube.  The film follows her in her lonely personal life, her work as a caregiver in a home for the elderly, her disappointments in trying to get her singing career to take off, and her surprise when Kutiman's mix uses her song Give It Up. She is a wonderful woman, projecting much charm, and a fair amount of soul! 

Check out the song and the remix on youtube -- Kutiman- Give It Up

 Kutiman lives on a kibbutz in the Negev, mixing music from you tube pieces that he uncovers.  The film opens with a scene at the Guggenheim Museum where he is honored as the entire museum is transformed into a glittering youtube screen, projecting enormous images from his productions.  He "discovers" Princess  Shaw and, when his remix goes viral, she becomes a star! 

In a moving sequence, Princess Shaw comes to Tel Aviv for a magical performance together with Kutiman and his orchestra, at the Habima Theater.  She sings her own soul lyrics, accompanied by Kutiman and his orchestra.

Following the screening at the Jerusalem Film Festival today, she received thunderous applause and returned the audience's love with an impromptu rendition of one of her songs!  

I loved this film! Presenting Princess Shaw (documentary, 78 minutes) is a heartwarming music documentary, showing how we are all interconnected today via the internet, providing  the story of an African-American singer with an Israeli connection! Available from First Hand Films and Go2 Films.

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