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Monday, January 9, 2012

Best Israeli Films of 2011

At the end of each year, I like to try to provide a summing-up of the best films of the year – both dramas and documentaries.  All of the Israeli films listed below have been previously reviewed on this blog.

Footnote הערת שוליים by Joseph Cedar
Restoration (Good Morning Mr. Fiedelman) בוקר טוב אדון פידלמן by Yossi Madmony
Dusk בין השמשות by Alon Zingman

The Law in these Parts שלטון החוק by Ra'anan Alexandrowicz
The Flat  הדירה by Arnon Goldfinger
Ameer Got His Gun בני דודים לנשק by Naomi Levari
The Lost Love Diaries יומני האהבה האבודים by Yasmin Novak
Torn קרוע by Ronit Kertsner
Life in Stills הצלמניה by Tamar Tal

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