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Monday, October 10, 2011

Rape in the Modern Orthodox Community

I went today to view student films at the Ma'aleh School for Film and Television – many thanks to Einat Kapach for inviting me and providing me with a special preview of one of the films that will premiere at the upcoming Haifa Film Festival over Sukkot.  The new film that I saw is called In Silence נעלמת  , directed by Tom Dadon-Mishaly (short drama, 23 minutes). 

The film is about the tragedy of rape and the dangers of not sharing what happens with your family and loved ones.  The story is set in the framework of an educated modern Orthodox ("dati leumi") family -- even though the parents are particularly caring and the mother is more attentive than most, they are unable to comprehend the changes that have overtaken their daughter.  She is often moody and disagreeable, has suddenly changed her style of dress, and is showing signs of crisis.

This is the tragic story of a bubbly and friendly high school girl who is suddenly transformed.  As the fictional story unfolds – and it unfolds in a surprising and remarkable fashion – the tension is heightened and we understand how this could happen in any family.

The Ma'aleh School distributes another film called Cohen's Wife, about rape in the ultra-orthodox community.  The film was previously reviewed on this blog.

Next time you are traveling on El Al, keep your eyes open for the possibility of viewing Ma'aleh award-winning films (available only on flights with the small screens).

Both films are available from the Ma'aleh School.

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