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Friday, April 1, 2011

Israeli Filmmaking - 2010

Israeli films and filmmakers have been enjoying a tremendous amount of recognition all over the world during these last 15 years. A government increase in funding for filmmaking combined with the establishment of commercial TV have encouraged the growth and development of the industry, leading to a dramatic change in the quantity and quality of the films being produced.
If you are a film-programmer, you might be interested in a listing of my favorite features and documentaries of the past year – many of them are award-winners! The aesthetic of these high-quality, self-critical films, which are characterized by multi-faceted and complex scripts, reflecting a wide diversity of style and substance, have been compared and analyzed on this blog. Check them out using the index.
Feature Films
  • Maya (Michal Bat-Adam)
  • Gei Oni – Valley of Fortitude (Dan Wolman
  • The Matchmaker (Avi Nesher)
  • Infiltration (Dover Kosashvili)
  • Intimate Grammar (Nir Bergman)
  • The Human Resources Manager (Eran Riklis)
  • Mabul (Guy Nattiv)
  • 77 Steps (Ibtisam Mara'ana)
  • The Hangman (Netalie Braun)
  • A Film Unfinished (Yael Hersonski)
  • Precious Life (Shlomi Eldar)
Documentaries Produced Abroad
  • Budrus (Julia Bacha)
  • Strangers no More (Karen Goodman and Kirk Simon)

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