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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Divorce, Deadbeat Dads and DVD's

Please look for my article on "agunot" on the Lilith Magazine website.

The article discusses the modern tragedy of women who are "chained" to their ex-husbands because they refuse to grant them a divorce. In this way, the men are in control and able to exact revenge at the same time.

This article discusses three films --
  • the new American documentary film Women Unchained by Bev Siegel and Leta Lenik
  • the Israeli short drama Get by Ayelet Menachemi (from the trilogy Tel Aviv Stories)
  • the Israeli documentary Sentenced to Marriage by Anat Zuria.

While you are on the Lilith website, check out also their auction. You'll see a "coexistence" quilt that I made which is up for auction! "Coexistence" quilts, which can be seen on my quilting blog , include a central element of Bedouin embroidery made by women in Laqiya in the northern Negev, integrated into a traditional patchwork quilt.

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