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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Social Change

Incorporating both documentary and fiction, Doron Tsabari in his most recent film, Revolution 101, takes the viewer on an odyssey into his fight against corruption, while seeking reform at Israel TV Channel One. Similar to American crusading filmmaker Michael Moore, Tsabari puts himself into the center of the film, so it becomes his struggle and his obsession. Brilliantly, he utilizes the power of film and television in fighting against the deterioration of Israeli public television.
This is an insightful and powerfully critical film of the real Israel – the world of politics and corruption, the world of television broadcasting and the world of lawmakers. Together with his producer, Ori Inbar, Tsabari shoulders the burden of taking on the establishment in an effort to revolutionize the world of public broadcasting. Although the final outcome seems less important than the process itself, one can certainly conclude that social change is possible.
Tsabari's Jewish mother lends humor and charm to the serious nature of the subject matter – she is pushing her son to a different career, anything but filmmaking, one that would lead him to financial success. It is such an irony that one can hardly make a decent living as a filmmaker in Israel today.
Revolution 101 מדריך למהפכה (2010, 85 minutes) is available from Ruth Diskin Films.

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