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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Fascinating Episode from Jewish History

A father and son team have made a film about a relatively unknown episode from the Holocaust -- directed by Erez Laufer, script by Nahum Laufer. Combining documentary sequences, interviews and dramatic re-enactments, The Darien Dilemma tells the fascinating story of a group of 1,000 Jews who, fleeing the Nazis, have become stuck in a frozen port in Yugoslavia.

This is an in-depth story of the Aliyah Bet that includes intrigue and romance. In order to save this group, the Mossad has purchased a boat called the Darien. But a serious dilemma arises when the senior Mossad agents who are directing the operation are notified by the leadership in Palestine that the boat has been sold to the British in an attempt to get the British to open the gates to Jewish immigration. A fateful decision must be made by Ruth Kliger the heroic and larger-than-life Mossad agent – should she follow orders or take matters into her own hands?

The film's original music is by Yehuda Poliker, 90 minutes, and is available from Erez Laufer Films
Also note another film by Erez Laufer that has been reviewed on this blog, Rafting to Bombay, which provides insight into his father's Holocaust story. After viewing Rafting to Bombay we can better understand Nahum Laufer's obsession with telling the story as we see him on-screen researching and writing The Darien Dilemma.

Rafting to Bombay and The Darien Dilemma are also available from Docs for Education. 

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