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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Airport Stories

Terminal 3 Stories סיפורי נתב"ג directed by Naftali Glicksberg is a newly produced documentary series of three chapters about the human story at Ben Gurion Airport. (30 minutes each).

Did you ever wonder about what goes on behind the scenes at an airport? This documentary series is about the human side of the airport at Ben Gurion. I saw the first chapter at DOCAVIV, which was extremely professionally produced with great pacing, lots of tension, human stories and charm.

This chapter deals with two issues that are unique to Israel's airport – Faith and Security. Concerning "Faith", it portrays Ronen who is delayed due to an injunction forbidding him to leave the country because of his personal financial issues. Ronen is newly-religious and his faith in Rabbi Nahman, together with a lot of work by airport personnel, helps him to finally get on the plane to Uman. The section on "Security" delves into unique issues of Israeli security, including in-depth interviews with airport security personnel and also a female Arab Scouts leader complaining about the "special" treatment given to Israeli Arabs.

Following chapters will deal with the training of flight attendants, catering, and more.

The series is available from Naftali Glicksberg at talimedial@gmail.com

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