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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Halakeh is a short TV drama (48 minutes), directed by Avigail Sperber (2008) and produced for Israel Television (IBA) in cooperation with the Ma'aleh Film School. The film features Hani Furstenberg as Yael, a modern-orthodox young woman with a headscarf and Ohad Knoller (well-known for his role in Yossi and Jagger and as the young doctor in Srugim), as Yoni, her husband, who has recently become a passionate and overly-exuberant Bratslaver with a large white kippah on his head.

This is a drama about a young couple grappling with the fact that one is becoming ultra-orthodox and the tensions that this causes within the family. The story is about the ambivalent feelings that Yael is experiencing as her husband is transforming before her eyes. She is embarrassed by his public displays of religious fervor, disagrees in matters of bringing up their three year-old son, and is pained to see how her son is becoming a smaller version of his father.

Check out the film on youtube -- it is available from Go2Films.

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