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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Recent documentaries recommended for Selichot

In answer to the requests that I have received for recommendations for films for Erev Selichot this year, I am suggesting four recent documentary films. The first three have been reviewed on this blog during the last month or two --

About the Second War in Lebanon, life in the Galilee and existential contemporary questions about terrorist attacks --
Cobwebs directed by Micha Livne, narrated by Zvia Keren
For my comments and distribution information: http://israelfilm.blogspot.com/2008/08/cobwebs.html

A story of faith and hope -- about the disengagement and rebuilding one's life following the loss of one's family in a terrorist attack --
Footprints in the Sand directed by Revital Zivan (Shtern)
For my comments and distribution information:

Screened recently with much success and discussion at Beit Avi Chai in Jerusalem -- a personal documentary about trying to reunite a family torn apart when one sibling becomes an ultra-orthodox Jew --
My Brother directed by Yulie Cohen
For my comments and distribution information:

The fourth recommendation is Paula Weiman-Kelman's recent documentary entitled Eyes Wide Open, about issues of Jewish identity, how American Jews relate to Israel, about some of the complex issues of modern Israel and Israel-Diaspora relations. The film premiered at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival this summer and at least a dozen other venues. For more information, check out the film's website. The film is available from Ruth Diskin.

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