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Monday, July 21, 2008

Upcoming Speaking Tour to North America - Oct. 22 - Nov. 12, 2008

My specialty is analyzing film and film clips as text. I like to look at a clip and consider what is the simple meaning of the clip -- and more importantly, what is the meaning between the lines that the filmmaker is trying to convey.

Each film provides us with a window into Israeli society. Although films can be considered individual pieces of work, we can gain a unique perspective on Israeli society through a careful analysis of the subject matter, issues, and styles of expression of this medium. Since its inception, Israeli cinema has been occupied with the hardships of an ongoing war, problems of Jewish-Arab relations, and the major survival issues of the state. In recent years, however, Israeli filmmaking has become much more complex and varied. Indeed, it covers a wide spectrum of issues and points of view. Therefore, my film presentations include commentary on social trends, historical challenges, and societal issues through an analysis of film clips.

During my upcoming speaking tour, I will be in Connecticut, Pittsburgh, southern California, southern Florida, Washington DC, Chicago and New York. The most popular subjects that have been requested include:
  • Gender Issues
  • Understanding Each Other
  • Contemporary Issues.
If you are interested in booking one of my presentations, please contact me at amykronish@gmail.com

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