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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Mulu" – an extraordinary student film about Ethiopian women premieres at the Jerusalem Film Festival

Directed by Alamork Marsha, Mulu is a beautifully photographed and sensitive look at the position of women in traditional Ethiopian society. In loving close-up, we watch every step as Mulu prepares Ethiopian bread.

She is already a grandmother and discovers that she is pregnant again. One of her grown daughters tells her that she has enough children – but Mulu won’t listen to her. The same daughter wants her mother to sell her handicrafts and maybe even get a job. But Mulu’s husband is unable to cope with such changes in his world. He takes all of his wife’s woven baskets off the wall, down to the street, and lights a bonfire. Mulu watches him do it and does not stop him. This is her life and she knows that she cannot change it. But we know that her daughters already live in a different world. (25 min., 2008, Tel Hai)

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